Children’s Specialized Hospital app Parent Pal is directly designed to help ease the burden of parents that are taking care of a sick child. When caring for a sick child, one of the most important things is keeping up with your child’s development and progress between visits. The Parent Pal pediatric app is from the Children’s Specialized Hospital, located in New Jersey.

We’ve seen several medical apps released by Childrens Hospitals in the past: Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Children’s National, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and the vaccine education medical app from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The Parent Pal app is very straightforward and simple to use. Parents start off by creating a profile for their child. They then input the child’s name, their date of birth and their medical diagnosis. There is also a place where they can upload an image to their profile for an additional specialized touch. Once users complete the profile, they are then ready to begin inputting behavioral information. The behaviors listed include sleep, pain, words, independence, behavior, feeding, and activity. Once users click on each section, they simply follow the directions to make their first recording. Viewers then have the option to view all the behaviors inputted for the day and track any noticeable changes.

Parents can easily see what type of day their child is having. The convenient chart overview makes it simple to monitor pain, behavior and independence to notice any significant trends or big changes. Users can track the changes on a daily, weekly and even monthly basis. This is also information that doctors often inquire about and can be very helpful in the overall treatment of a child’s condition. Another notable category is the words spoken section. This is notable for children who suffer from any type of learning disability or speech impairment. It helps to track any language milestones or developments that cannot only help with treatment but can be a great way to showcase the learning process and celebrate any milestones.

Parent Pal also offers some valuable resources and links to make finding information easier for parents. The patient portal takes users directly to the Children’s Specialized Patient and Family Portal where they can see their child’s health information online.

Though this pediatric app is not necessarily designed to teach anything, the ability to track changes is a great informational tool. Just by monitoring behaviors such as pain, sleep and activity, parents can determine what type of day their child is having, their weekly behaviors and even if they have had a good month. Doctors can also view the information and determine treatment options and plans from the activity logs.

Parent PAL
By Children’s Specialized Hospital

Price: Free

iPhone, iPad: iTunes
Android: Unavailable