Almost 6 years ago I wrote about how you can utilize various Wikipedia apps to look up medical literature.  There are other ways to use Wikipedia in medicine as well — such as looking up ICD 10 codes.

Before we get into using Wikipedia, there are several free ICD 10 apps for iPhone and Android you should consider using as well. If you’re documenting a patient chart on a computer though, Wikipedia can sometimes be quicker than pulling out your phone and loading a medical app.

If you look up almost any type of medical condition on Wikipedia, you will see an area for ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes on the right side of the article, often under the picture of the disease pathology.

For example, let’s look for the ICD-10 code for Hypertension:

hypertension ICD 10

You can look up procedure ICD codes, such as Tracheal intubation:

ICD codes

There are even ICD 10 codes for rare disease pathologies, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

ehlers danlos syndrome

Although almost all of the medical conditions and procedures have 1CD-9 codes listed.  Since ICD-10 is relatively new, using one of the many free apps out there is still probably your best bet.

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