The maximum developers can charge for an app in the iOS App Store is $999.99. We looked at the health and medical sections of the App Store to see how many developers are charging this huge price, and found 10 apps. The specialties these expensive medical apps cover are Anesthesia, Cardiology, Orthopedic Surgery, and Dentistry.

The following are all the health related apps that are in the $999.99 club.


Dentsio markets itself as the first iPad app for your daily dental practice — it feels similar to what Dr. Chrono promises to physicians.

Dentsio enables dentists to manage their patients’ clinical histories, along with providing education information as well. You can try a free version of this dentistry app before you choose to commit to a rather large $999.99 sum.

Here is a video that shows how this expensive medical app aimed at Dentists works:

Dentsio By Sergio Tinoco

By Sergio Tinoco

Price: $999.99

iPhone, iPad: iTunes
Android: Unavailable