The purpose of Medtronic’s MyCareLink Smart Monitor Clinical Guide App is to help healthcare practitioners provide better training for patients who have had a Medtronic pacemaker implanted. That includes patients using the cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemaker (CRT-P), which takes advantage of the company’s MyCareLink Smart Monitor System to send pacemaker data to the patient’s clinic.

This app demonstrates how patients download the MyCareLink Smart App to their mobile phone or tablet, pair the Reader with the app, and send transmissions to their clinic. System messages and FAQs are also included in this app for reference.

The Medtronic app helps clinicians teach patients how to pair the pacemaker and how to send the data transmissions. The device maker also offers a related mobile app called MyCareLink Monitor Ed, which is designed specifically for patients to use. It explains the benefits of using a remote monitoring system and how to set up the MyCareLink Patient Monitor.

In November 2015, the Food and Drug Administration approved MyCareLink Smart Monitor, which Medtronic describes as “the world’s first app-based remote monitoring system for patients with implantable pacemakers”. With the MyCareLink Smart Monitor, patients with a Medtronic pacemaker can use their own smartphone or tablet technology, with cellular or Wi-Fi service, to securely transmit data from their pacemakers to their physicians, who can then interpret the data to make treatment decisions.”

The monitoring system consists of a handheld device reader and the MyCareLink Smart mobile app. Patients use the app to transmit pacemaker data to the Medtronic network.

Offering both a clinician oriented and patient oriented mobile app to help patients connect their pacemakers to the Medtronic app makes perfect sense because the vast majority of patients requiring pacemakers are over age 65, a segment of the population this is far less comfortable using online tools than younger generations.


MCL-S Clinic Guide
By Medtronic, Inc.

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