The University of Michigan Medical School aims to make the lives of its students and faculty easier by allowing them to access the school’s curriculum while on the go. This free medical student app is only available to UM medical students and faculty and it can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play Store.

A 4th year student at UMMS developed the app in 2014 and the goal was “to bring the University of Michigan Medical School to the mobile era”. The medical school curriculum becomes paperless making it possible to access the information from just about anywhere. After logging in with a uniqname, password and security code, you are ready to go. Users have easy access to grades, notes, and even rotation information.

Complete change of how medical school feedback is given

Students can watch lectures and even leave feedback directly from their phone. The app has transformed the school’s current feedback system. Previously colored cards were used for student feedback but the app now has a built-in feedback feature. Users can pull up the clerkship feedback form on their smartphone or tablet, and the faculty member can fill it out on the spot. Also, previously when feedback forms were submitted, students no longer had access to them. The app now automatically saves the form to the student’s account, and they can easily access it whenever needed. For situations where students have to provide feedback to the lecturer, no additional paperwork is needed, the app can handle that too.

The fact that a UMMS medical student developed this app gives it an edge because the student was able to use their personal experiences to specifically tailor the app. From the reviews, some students have embraced the app and openly praised the consolidation of the resources that they use on a daily basis. They especially liked the extra convenience that the app brings. The app was designed to organize and display the curriculum information so that users could not only access but understand the information. The developer wants students to have an overall good user experience while using the app.

This is not the first University of Michigan app but it is a groundbreaking app for the medical school — we reviewed an ophthalmology app from them in the past. With many medical schools adopting paperless curriculums, and the surging mobile technology world, it is likely that we will see more student-developed apps. Unfortunately, there is currently not an Android version of this app available.

UMMS By Dreamland Soft LLC

By Dreamland Soft LLC

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