The American Society of Hematology was founded with the mission to help physicians, researchers, and educators learn about blood-associated disorders. Since its founding in 1958, it has provided workshops, annual meetings, and online resources to help experts exchange ideas and advance the field. It has also developed mobile resources for its publications: the journal, Blood (free @ iTunes for iPad and iPhone; Android) and newsletter (free @ iTunes for iPad).

In addition to the mobile literature, it has recently launched a powerful and comprehensive hematology app, the ASH Pocket Guides, that allows primary care and hematology physicians to look up specific blood-related diseases, procedures, reference guides, and access calculators and decision trees for various standard procedures.

On the Home screen, the hematology app provides guides and information on several key hematology conditions: sickle cell diseases, thrombocytopenia, red blood cell transfusion, anticoagulant dosing, and von Willebrand disease.

Upon selecting a specific topic, information is presented and broken down into case definitions, features of history and physical examinations, common complications, expert recommendations on the administration of associated drugs, treatment procedures, and laboratory diagnoses. A noteworthy feature with this pocket guide is that the level of consensus reached amongst their expert panels for each recommendation is clearly marked, so even suggestions with low level evidence are included for reference.

In the Tools page (see screenshot below), the calculators and decision trees are presented. The calculations are made based on the results from a series of questions on the clinical presentation. Different dosing ranges and observations can also be specified to help in determining the appropriate clinical management approach.

This hematology app provides clinical definitions, disease descriptions, and management suggestions on an easy-to-navigate mobile platform. Information on warfarin dosage, bleeding scores, and heparin induced thrombocytopenia treatment can be tailored based on the answers provided from a series of questions on the patient’s condition.

This hematology app seems to be a more comprehensive guide on various blood-related diseases compared to previous apps we have written about, which were focused on specific blood diseases such as anemia. Other apps that focus on Hematology terminology and standard regimens for treatment will be a good supplement to the ASH Pocket Guides once a clear diagnosis has been made.

There has been a lot of movement in mobile Hematology apps recently — especially in regards to Sickle Cell Disease. Currently there are two sickle cell disease studies being performed using mobile apps.  One of the sickle cell disease studies is from Children’s Nation and the other is from Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

ASH Pocket Guides
By American Society of Hematology

Price: Free

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