The CDC has updated their Blast Injury and mass casualty app. The Blast Injury app helps Prehospital and hospital healthcare providers manage mass casualty events.

The CDC has done a great job with making a tremendously useful app not only for physicians, but for Prehospital providers such as EMS and and Fire Departments.

The Blast Injury app has great information on how to triage individual injuries — ranging from eye, head, torso, and musculoskeletal trauma. The CDC gives specific instructions on how to manage the most common blast injuries.

cdc blast injury app 1For example, there is a a complete section dedicated to managing eye trauma. Open globe injuries can often times be present in blast injuries and the CDC gives great treatment management by telling responders to not apply direct pressure on the eye — which can make globe injuries significantly worse.

cdc mass casualty appThis type of information for various other types of injuries and trauma is repeated throughout the app.

The CDC Blast Injury app also contains checklists to go through when a mass casualty event happens. One of the best sections is the Disaster Field Triage portion — a simple decision tree to help with “Global Sorting” of which victims need immediate versus delayed care.

My only issue with the CDC is the lack of Android version for these apps.

For more information on disaster response and emergency preparedness apps, we wrote a summary of a literature review that highlighted the key apps you should consider downloading.

cdc blast injury app 3

  • Price
    • Free
    • Free to download and use
    • Detailed content on diagnosing and treating blast injuries
    • Key checklist information
    • Great decision trees for triaging victims
  • Dislikes
    • Would have loved to see an Android version
  • Overall

    A must have app for first responders, prehospital providers, and anyone else helping at the scene of a blast. Physicians helping during a mass casualty event could also use this app as the content is specific to blast injuries.

    The Blast Injury app by the CDC is the app you hope you never have to use, but it’s not hyperbole to say this app could save lives if used at the point of care.

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