The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now has 27 medical and health apps in the iOS App Store. The CDC also has 21 medical and health apps in the Google Play Android store.

In 2015 there were great additions to the CDC apps — such as the refreshed CDC STD treatment guidelines app, a public health Trivia app, a public health mortality app, and several more.

Overall, I’ve been very impressed with the work the CDC has done for public health when it comes to mobile. They really don’t get the publicity or recognition they deserve with some of the apps they have created over the past few years — especially with their apps being free downloads for physicians and patients.

The CDC should also get credit for doing a great job of updating a majority of their health and medical apps frequently.

The following are the best CDC apps that physicians should consider downloading to their iPhone or Android device. We will have a separate list of CDC apps for patients that will be published at a later time.

STD Tx Guide 2015

The STD Tx Guide 2015 from the CDC is an essential download for physicians who are trying to figure out the correct antibiotic regime for STD treatment. The 2015 CDC app update was essential as it made the app usable without an internet connection and made the app much faster to use. More importantly though — 2015 brought new updates to STD management due to antibiotic resistance.

As opposed to using resources like UpToDate or EMRA antibiotics for figuring out appropriate antibiotic coverage for STD management, we recommend using the CDC’s app.

Unfortunately, the app isn’t available for Android yet.

STD Tx Guide By Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

iMedicalApps Review
Price: Free
iTunes (iPhone, iPad): CDC STD Tx Guide
Google Play (Android): Not currently available