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Time moves forward, and so does technology. Visit our Best Apps in 2017  for the most up-to-date list.

There are thousands of new medical apps released each year. And every year, the physician editors at iMedicalApps sort through the year’s new crop of apps and pick the best medical apps. This year, we picked a group of medical apps that were innovative, filled important needs, and offered really valuable resources for clinicians as well as patients. And somewhat surprisingly, the majority of them were free.

Here are the Best Medical Apps of 2015 for iPhone & Android.

Statin Intolerance

Thanks to those dramatic commercials from malpractice lawyers, patients across the country have been coming in to clinic wondering whether their statin is the reason they have been a bit forgetful, were diagnosed with diabetes, or have had leg pain. The ACC’s Statin Intolerance app was released to help walk you through those clinic visits systematically. It includes the questions you should ask and then provides an interpretation of the likelihood of actual statin intolerance as well as follow up suggestions. It’s a great example of how a timely app can quickly address common clinical issues.

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