Polaris Health Directions will be providing MD Anderson Cancer Center with an Apple Watch medical app for a Pilot Study for Breast Cancer patients.

Patients taking part in this study will be using Polaris’s emPOWER platform to record their experiences during breast cancer treatment cycles using their Apple Watch. They can also use the Apple Watch medical app to reach out to fellow cancer patients and their care teams in real time.

The emPOWER app from Polaris will use the Apple Watch to get the the following health metrics: Physical activity levels, sleep information, treatment side effects, patient mood, and more. The study will last for 9 months.

Overall a very smart move by Polaris to partner with MD Anderson in this way. I see too many digital health startups and companies who have no idea how actual medicine is practiced fail when they insert themselves into clinical workflows and studies.  This study will not only help MD Anderson, but help Polaris see what the best way to collect medical data is on wearables — in this case the Apple Watch.

There are already several research clinical studies using the Apple Watch to collect data — many of these are Apple ResearchKit app studies. We have also compiled a list of all the Apple Watch medical apps available for physicians.

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