Yale researchers have launched a ResearchKit app for pregnant women called EPV. This is the second ResearchKit app launched by Yale — the first being Yale Cardiomyopathy Index. Over the past month we’ve seen a flurry of academic hospitals launch ResearchKit apps.

The EPV ResearchKit app allows pregnant women to track the growth of their baby’s placenta. Researchers are interested in knowing the correlation between Estimated Placental Volume (EPV) and pregnancy outcomes. Women are asked to report the EPV measurement with the help of the ultrasound technician and to self report this within the app.

The goal of the study is to determine whether Estimated Placental Volume (EPV) can be used to predict pregnancy outcomes.

This is the first Apple ResearchKit study to reach out to tens of millions of potential participants. The other ResearchKit apps have focused on specific diseases (excluding the UCSF LGBT study). Stanford has enrolled over 40,000 participants in their Cardiology study while Mt. Sinai has enrolled over 8,000.

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