Hospitals have taken a lot of heat for readmissions within 30 days, also called bouncebacks. With the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services introducing penalties for excessive bounceback, hospitals were forced to find ways to help better manage the problem. Home health services, though not new, in many cases have taken center stage as a way to not only provide at-risk patients with the care that they need, but to also help manage the bounceback problem.

With home health services, patients can often receive the healthcare services they need from the comfort of their home — usually being less expensive and just as effective. Home health providers must follow doctor’s orders and provide progress reports all while keeping up with the various needs of their patients. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Resources recently released the myCareVisit Michigan app geared towards home health providers in Michigan.

Michigan home health app

Instead of keeping up with tons of paperwork or struggling to remember information the app allows providers to record, save and submit services as they complete them daily. One patient may receive a bath each day while another patient only needs to be bathed three times per week. This app allows the home health provider to easily input this information and update their list, as each task is completed. Each user logs in to the app with their own unique username and password information, which adds an added level of security.

The myCareVisitMichigan app works with the Community Health Automated Medicaid Processing System (CHAMPS) giving users the convenience of entering tasks from either system. The tool to navigate between dates and clients also makes it easy to keep up with the workload and make changes if necessary such as cancellations or switching to a different day. With more and more health services being conducted in the home, it only makes sense for digital medicine to be incorporated into these services.

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