The Marfan foundation has launched a comprehensive diagnosis app tool, Marfan DX, to help physicians diagnose the syndrome more easily.

The app is based on the 2010 Revised Ghent Nosology for Marfan Syndrome — The full BMJ paper can be found here. What I like about the Marfan DX app is how comprehensive the app is for health professionals. The app enables you to do specific calculations at bedside with the patient, such as the Systemic Calculator. The really cool part of the Systemic Calculator is that you can click the “info” button for specific physical exam findings — such as “Hindfoot Deformity” — and you get a detailed description of what you’re looking for (referenced in the picture below).

marfan syndrome app

The app is a free download and a must have for those who are concerned about a patient possibly having Marfan Syndrome. It’s important to know that Marfan Syndrome isn’t always the easiest diagnosis to make. One of the best examples being Isaiah Austin, the prolific college basketball player that was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome after playing several years of college basketball, eventually ending his career.

The only thing I don’t like about the Marfan DX app is there is no Android version. Even though more than 70% of health professionals are on iOS — it would have been nice to have an Android version. That said, for a nonprofit organization to create such a great free app is something that should be applauded.

Price: Free

iPhone, iPad Link
Android: Not currently available