We reviewed ClinicalKey a few years ago on iMedicalApps when Elsevier launched the database.  ClinicalKey — a medical search engine and database was a replacement to MD Consult.  While we recognized the platform was expensive, we came away with a favorable view.  In particular, we liked the following in ClinicalKey:

  • ability to easily access all of Elsevier’s medical journal content
  • great search engine within the platform
  • full text linking.

Just last year Elsevier launched a web app interface of ClinicalKey. Now, they have finally released a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android.

clinicalkey app review

We will review the dedicated mobile app in the coming weeks, but if you want a preview-reference our review of their webapp from last year.

To be frank — I’m shocked it took Elsevier so long to finally make a dedicated mobile app. With physicians utilizing mobile devices at a voracious rate, you would think creating a mobile app would have been a top priority for such a large company.

For those who don’t have access to ClinicalKey but are part of an academic institution, you should consider Read by QxMD. The free app enables you to easily access articles across multiple journals seamlessly with your institutional login.

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