The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been very active in the app world with the release of several new and updated apps. Recently we wrote how their STD Tx Guide app got a refresh for 2015. The CDC’s free Health IQ app is another one we featured — designed to educate the general public on health while having a little fun.

Now, the CDC has released the WISQARS Mobile app — an Injury Data app that details the Overall Injury Death Rates in the US.

When the app first opens it provides users with the “Overall Injury Death Rates” starting with the “Ten Leading Causes of Death in the US” in an easy to read chart. Heart disease and malignant neoplasms are two notables high up on the list. Users can use the corresponding map to see the death rates nationally or within individual states. Primary and secondary data filters help to break the information down even further. The primary data filter breaks down the information by cause of death and categories include overall injury death, homicide, suicide in youth and adults, traumatic brain injury death and unintentional injury death that includes motor vehicle, poisoning and drug poisoning death.

US death rates mortality

Users can then take that information and find out more specific information thanks to the secondary data filters. Information is further broken down according to sex, race/ethnicity, age, location and rate type. There is even a graph that shows the rate of change in the death rates since 2004. The data filters are clearly marked for easy access, and the colorful charts and graphs make the information easy to understand.

cdc app mortality

For example the app enables you to easily see how many white females in New York age 45-64 died from heart disease versus white males in the same age group. This type of data extraction is useful to researchers in a multitude of ways. The CDC is known for providing statistics and other types of information to health professionals as well as the general public and its string of recent apps continues its mission of improving public health — in mobile form.

Price: Free
Android: Not currently available