Continous glucose monitoring (CGM) on your iPhone or Android device is not a new concept. Dexcom was the first to make big waves and the first to have an FDA approved platform.

Roche took it to a different level by actually creating an FDA approved app that gives insulin dosing recommendations. While Roche’s ACCU-CHECK app doesn’t do CGM, it arguably does something more clinically important, helping patients figure out what dose of insulin they should take based on food intake and current glucose levels.

Medtronic has stepped into the CGM world with their MiniMed Connect platform. The following diagram shows how it works:

medtronic minimed connect

Early reviews of the MiniMed Connect platform are great. The app has 25 reviews with a four star rating — and many of the patients have written detailed reviews of how much they love the platform. Obviously, not all of the reviews are stellar.

For the reviews that are negative, patients aren’t happy with how family members can’t have access to their CGM data on an app and have to login to CareLink. Further, no Apple Watch compatibility yet.

In general, it seems like Medtronic is doing a solid job, but that Dexcom is still winning the battle when it comes to user interfaces and ease of use on mobile platforms.

Below are some of the reviews:

minimed connect medtronic