Pharmaceutical companies have been extremely active in the mobile space in 2015. Roche and Pfizer each have their own set of apps they are using to conduct clinical trial research, while some companies are utilizing mobile to educate physicians on how to use their drugs. The education isn’t limited to physicians — the My Epiplan app we reviewed last month shows patient’s how to properly use their Epipen autoinjector.

Now, Jazz Pharmaceuticals has released an app called Narcolepsy Screener. The app uses the Swiss Narcolepsy Scale and the Epworth Sleepiness Scale. You can have patients answer the questions within the app and then get an interpretation of the screening results. Jazz Pharmaceuticals obviously has a blockbuster Narcolepsy drug they are incentivized to sell, but doesn’t specifically mention their medication within the app.

This is the first time I’ve seen a pharmaceutical company pushing physicians to use clinical decision tools and calculators. I’m surprised they haven’t done this already, and I suspect we’ll see many more apps like this coming in the near future.

For example, I’m surprised Pharma doesn’t have a Statin app yet. The American College of Cardiology has produced a fantastic Statin Intolerance app already, but industry could take it further by enabling physicians to insert patient lipid measurements and patient education tools. Obviously, Pharma could make things a lot worse as well.

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