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iMedicalApps is the leading source of unbiased reviews of mobile health technology by healthcare professionals and for healthcare professionals. We also write about interesting research, emerging technology, and other topics that we think will impact how we care for patients. And we’re inviting healthcare professionals who are passionate about using these tools to improve care to apply to join our team.

We’re a group of healthcare professionals who believe that emerging digital health technology has the potential to improve the care we deliver to our patients. Our goal is to help our colleagues discover & understand how to use these tools, such as apps and connected health devices in their practice now, and how these tools could impact clinical practice in the future.

We believe strongly in the idea that our clinical experiences should inform our reviews. Our readers also know they can trust our reviews because our reviews can’t be bought.

We’re interested in any healthcare professional with a passion for using digital health technology to improve care and outcomes. In particular, we’re looking for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, nurses, and other clinicians interested in contributing within their field of practice, but any healthcare professional is welcome to apply.


1. Contribute 1 article per week
2. Commit to 1 year with iMedicalApps
3. No financial or ownership interest in a specific mobile health product or app (other potential conflicts addressed on a case by case basis)
4. A demonstrated interest in the use of digital health technology in day-to-day practice

In exchange, we offer an opportunity to build a national and international profile within the digital health space as well as incredible networking opportunities. We also provide apps & devices for reviews as well as a small honorarium for each article you submit.

If you’re interested, fill out the application here. It will remain open for two weeks (Nov 2nd) but we’ll be responding on a rolling basis.