Figure 1 AppClinicians love diagnostic mysteries. That’s why the New England Journal’s Image Challenge has been so popular with physicians for so long and it’s why the JAMA launched their Network Challenge app last year.

Figure 1 is a medical photo sharing app that has put a new spin on the image challenge by letting a community of clinicians share de-identified images & cases. In our review of their last major update, we were impressed with the improvements in content curation and the ability to follow specific contributors.

They now plan to add a Live Events feature that will involve hosted clinical cases. The first Live Event is going to be from Apollo Hospital in Chennai, India. They will be running hourly clinical cases throughout the day on October 7th.

It will be interesting to see how these live events unfold, especially if they can start to include more than just a single image and text into each case. For example, adding video of a patient describing their symptoms would be really interesting. As a medical student, some of the most impactful learning experiences involved case presentations with the patients involved in those cases. Something about hearing the story from the patient themselves, rather than through the filter of the presenting physician, made those really stick. I know there are a lot of patients out there willing to share their stories to help educate clinicians about their health conditions in the hope that other patients that come later may benefit.

Hopefully, we’ll see Figure 1 bring that learning experience to the digital healthcare community.