We’re huge fans of the CDC’s mobile initiatives. One of our favorites is their vaccine schedule app, but they also have a great influenza management app and contraception app.

They have now launched a free app to help educate the general public on health, called Health IQ. A central part of the CDC’s Health IQ app is employing health gamification — teaching through games.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how robust the user interface is along with the high quality of questions asked. The app does a great job of employing various gamification tools — from quizzes to word puzzles and more. The questions range from basic, such as obvious question and answers on the importance of hand washing, to advanced — such as asking users how many high schoolers have used e-cigarettes.

The CDC’s Health IQ app could definitely be used to increase a laypersons public health knowledge. Unfortunately, the Health IQ app hasn’t gotten much buzz, and that’s a shame.

The CDC should consider promoting the app more on their website or even offering prizes for those who get a certain set of ribbons in the app. As the Mango Health app has shown, you only need to entice users with the possibility of getting nominal rewards in order to get increased utilizing of a health app.

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