The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated their STD Tx Guide for 2015. We were fans of the app when we reviewed it last year, and the refresh only makes us like the app even more.

The CDC STD Tx Guide enables physicians to follow the most recent treatment guidelines related to Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The CDC has made the menu screen easier to go through — giving conditions right when you open up the app. The other nice addition is making the app native to iOS. Before the app would pull all the information from their website, with the resulting information not being the most concise and producing a lag. Now the information appears quickly and clearly.

Ways the app could improve though would be if the CDC provided more information on diagnostic criteria. For each of the Sexually transmitted diseases mentioned they provide additional information — but they don’t provide great diagnostic information on the pathology.

iTunes Link
Android: Currently not available for Android.

cdc's std app