When it comes to getting patients to quit smoking, Pfizer is known for Varenicline, trade name Chantix — a medication used to curb nicotine addition.

Pfizer also made waves earlier this year in digital health with the launch of the Quitter’s Circle app. The app helps you quit smoking with the support of family and friends and has a great twist — family and friends can put money into a “Quit Fund” that you can use to help cover costs of medications and doctor visits.

Pfizer has now launched a smoking cessation research app, called Pfizer MEDS.

pfizer meds US smoking cessation app

The app is designed for patients who are using a prescription smoking cessation medication and have been invited to participate in their study. This continues a trend that is starting to emerge of pharmaceutical companies giving patients health apps in conjunction with their pharmacologic agents.

Smoking cessation apps have been on the radar of many health organizations, with the National Cancer Institute awarding a $3 million five year grant to conduct a clinical trial testing SmartQuit.

I suspect in the near future we’ll have pharmaceutical companies selling their medications with app promo codes inside that will enable patients to download accompanying software to their phones.  I’m surprised this hasn’t happened already, but more than any other year, 2015 has been marked with heavy pharmaceutical involvement in the digital health space.

iTunes Link: Pfizer MEDS US