Apple Insider is reporting that Johns Hopkins is working on launching a study using the Apple Watch and iPhone for epilepsy research.

The Johns Hopkins study will collect heart rate sensor and accelerometer data from Apple Watch, as well as gyroscope data from seizure episodes.

Per Apple Insider, the study will go live September 18th.

I find the part about using the gyroscope data from Apple Watch the most fascinating. Many times I have patients who report they aren’t sure if they had a seizure episode or not — checking the data from their Watch would be a fascinating way to tell. ¬†Measuring accurate seizure activity is important as it effects drug and lifestyle interventions.

If the reports are accurate, this will be the first ResearchKit study to have an Apple Watch companion app that actively intakes patient data.

The company Johns Hopkins is working with is Thread Research — the company that is currently helping UCSF with the Pride Study — a study on LGBTQ individuals health needs.

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Source: Apple Insider