Outside Magazine has a great profile on Apple’s director of fitness for health technologies — Jay Blahnik — specific to the Apple Watch.

Some of the notable aspects of the piece were how Apple Watch will be opening up more to third party developers. There is an understanding that Apple can’t do everything, and they will be leaving it up to developers to take fitness tracking to a different level.

The most reassuring part for me to read was the last part of the interview where Blahnik mentions the most surprising thing he’s learned by working on the Watch. He mentions how there isn’t a sensor or product that will get every single measurement right every single time, and how the data shows we have much to learn about fitness still.

He clearly understands the limitations of Apple Watch and wearables in general. This is critical because too many evangelists in the industry think wearables and big data will solve everything on their own. The only way wearables will help improve health is if we understand their limitations.