Statin Intolerance by the ACC

If predictions about the impact of the 2013 ACC/AHA lipid management guidelines come true, over fifty million people in the United States will be on statins. And that undoubtedly means more people coming in for vague aches, fatigue, and memory loss asking if their new statin is the cause.

The Statin Intolerance app from the American College of Cardiology is a point-of-care resource that walks you through a series of questions about your patient’s complaints, medication history, and other risk factors to assess whether their symptoms are likely to be attributable to the statin. For statin intolerant patients, it provides guidance on changing to another statin, labs, or reintroduction of a low-dose statin.

Statin Intolerance App ScreenshotStatin Intolerance App Risk Factors

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