OphthDocs Eye App

A clever ophthalmology app created by health providers in New Zealand. The app includes various sections that enable you to use it as a standalone app to help with your eye exam — E chart, Amsler Grid, Color Test, Astigmatism Fan, LEA symbols, and APD testing. The goals of the health inventors who make the app and the accessories is to provide affordable ophthalmic equipment. They have various accessories listed on their website that attach to your iPhone and turn it into various examination devices — such as a slit lamp and macro lens.

In order to use the app you have to register (free), but it appears to be centric to New Zealand providers and obviously isn’t for every provider. OphthDocs is definitely an innovative product and if you plan to do overseas work it’s definitely worth a try.

eye app


Price: Free to download, but does require registration and accessory purchases.
iOS Link
Android Link: Not available