While Dexcom has been getting the major headlines for continuous glucose monitoring with their Dexcom Share 2 platform that is available for iOS, Google Play, and even the Apple Watch — Roche has quietly launched their own glucose monitoring platform.

While Roche’s ACCU-CHECK Connect Diabetes Management App doesn’t do continuous glucose monitoring, it does something even more useful — it’s the first FDA approved app to give specific insulin bolus recommendations.

Any physician who manages patients with insulin dependent diabetes will tell you how it can be difficult to teach patients how to appropriately calculate insulin bolus dosing since it’s dependent on a range of variables.

We have written before of how the majority of insulin dosing apps are unreliable and put patients at risk of getting inappropriate insulin amounts. That’s why having an FDA approved app that does this is a big deal.

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Roche received FDA clearance in March for their app that gets glucose readings from the Accu-Chek Performa Connect blood glucose meter, but had to issue a recall of the app in April. Per the FDA recall, Roche’s ACCU-CHECK Connect app could potentially lead to inaccurate bolus advice if the screen orientation changed from portrait to landscape or vice versa — not good.

It appears those issues have been fixed, and at the end of June Roche launched the ACCU-CHECK Connect Diabetes Management app in the United States iOS App Store. The app is available for Android as well.

The ACCU-CHECK diabetes app gives insulin bolus recommendations based on current blood glucose readings, planned food intake, and, based on a patient’s current insulin regiment, recommendations that their physician has determined.

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