Earlier in the year we interviewed Vida’s co-founder, Dr. Connie Chen, about their health coaching platform.

Vida assigns you a health coach that is an expert in nutrition, fitness, and motivational psychology. These coaches are available 24/7 through text messages and weekly video check ins as well. They help make sure you are adhering to your physician’s recommendations and compliant with your treatment plans.

Vida Health had told us several IRB approved trials were underway at major healthcare systems, and how they were specifically testing their platform at Duke Medicine for managing cardiac rehabilitation patients.

Now Vida is partnering with AstraZeneca to launch “Day by Day”, a program that focuses specifically on cardiac rehabilitation patients.

The most notable part of this partnership is AstraZeneca will pick up the fee for patients in participating hospitals and health facilities.

The cost to use Vida is $45 per month or $249 per year. For AstraZeneca to pick up this cost is a huge deal. Compliance in post cardiac intervention care is critical for better outcomes. Having the ability to discharge a patient with a personal health coach who will help make sure your instructions are followed and your patient is actually following their new diet and medications is tremendous.

The platform is currently unbranded, so patient’s won’t see the pharmaceutical company’s name anywhere in the service.

With digital health services becoming ubiquitous and cost relatively cheap — it makes sense for pharmaceutical companies and hospital systems to lean on these services to improve patient health. For a hospital, paying $250 for a patient to use a health coach is a lot cheaper than dealing with the issues that come with 30 day readmission penalties. As we move more towards “outcome based care” reimbursements (still yet to be fully described), these types of services will become obvious choices for hospital systems to utilize to improve health.

Source: TechCrunch