We reviewed the medical apps that were released in May. Here are our picks for the best medical apps that physicians and other health providers should consider downloading.

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CRMD Finder

We’re shocked no one has created this app before. CRMD Finder helps you identify the type of cardiac rhythm management device your patient has simply by looking at their chest x-ray. Patients are supposed to keep a copy of their implantable heart device identifier with them at all times, but we all know too well this often doesn’t happen. That’s where you can now use the CRMD Finder app to help identify the exact type of implantable device a patient might have.

crmd finder

It’s important to know the type of device not only to figure out the overall functionality of it, but for interrogation purposes as well. For example, if a patient comes in and they were given multiple shocks with their device, knowing what type of device it is, and by what company, enables you to get the appropriate hardware required to interrogate the device.

Price: Free
Download the app on iTunes
Android version not available