Apple announced four new features they will be adding to the HealthKit platform at WWDC 2015.

apple iphone women health app

Of these, three could actually prove useful to physicians. One of the features that I don’t think will be very useful is the UV exposure metric, as I’ve documented prior.

Menstrual cycle: Physicians can utilize this feature with patients who are planning a pregnancy. Understanding your menstrual cycle is critical for knowing when you are ovulating and are at peak fertility. Going through their graphs using a patient’s Health app will enable you to show your patients exactly when they are ovulating.

Water intake: Knowing overall water intake is critical for a host of pathologies. For example, if you have congestive heart failure, you are fluid restricted, so meticulously tracking water is important so you don’t become volume overloaded. For urolithiasis (kidney stones), you need to intake higher volumes of water for expulsion of the stone.

Sedentary level: Going through a patient’s health app to see how sedentary they are could be a first step in helping to make appropriate life style changes for patients — mainly in regards to weight loss. Further, it could be used to track improvements in subsequent patient visits.