Currently there are 13 Apple Watch apps that are targeted towards physicians, but there are hundreds of health apps for patients already.

Just 5 years ago it would have have been hard to imaging telling a parent of a type 2 diabetic patient their watch could give them their child’s real time glucose readings. Even alerting them when their child’s glucose levels are too low or high. That’s now reality.

So when patients ask you about glucose monitors that work for their iPhone or Android device — while the options are limited, it’s possible. Right now Dexcom is the only major player with a robust mobile platform.

Dexcom, a company that manufactures continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems for diabetes management, had the first FDA approved diabetes glucose monitoring app platform.

They have a suite of Apple Watch apps that work in conjunction with their receiver. These apps enable not only patients to monitor their own glucose levels, but to share their levels with parents or caregivers.

dexcom glucose apple watch monitor

Dexcom Share 2:

* For the Dexcom G4 Platinum Receiver (we have detailed how this receiver works with the app)
* Enables you to receive glucose readings on your iPhone and Apple Watch
* Share glucose information with different followers (e.g. parents, caregivers, etc)
* Create custom glucose alarms and push notifications so people can help you in times of need

iTunes Link
Android Link: Not available

Dexcom Follow:

This is the app for caregivers to link with the Dexcom Share 2 app. This app also has a companion Apple Watch app, so you can monitor your child’s real time glucose readings from your wrist. You’re able to make custom blood sugar alarms and push notifications.

iTunes Link
Android Link

The overall Dexcom Share platform has been FDA approved, making it easier to prescribe to patients.