Evidence based medicine

The drug dosing in the apps are not what I would term “evidence-based”, but rather what is approved by the FDA and other regulatory authorities. The various calculators and clinical decision tools though are evidence based and extremely handy to have “built-in” to the app to prevent having to open multiple apps. The quality of the evidence provided in the Epocrates Plus and Medscape apps are fair, but are not at the level of what is found in UpToDate, Dynamed Plus or Essential Evidence. Nonetheless, they are good places to start. Lexicomp has an even more complete set of evidence-based tools than Epocrates Plus.

What providers would benefit from this App?

All medical providers should have an up to date drug dosing guide. The “extras” found in the more premium versions of these apps are applicable more to medical students, mid-level providers and physicians of really any medical specialty.


For a truly free drug dosing guide, my best alternative to Epocrates would be the Medscape app since it provides so much more than just a drug dosing guide all for free. However, if the potential of pharma influence and/or security of your personal data is a concern to you, then the nearly free Micromedex app would be the best alternative. For premium drug guides, the best alternative to Epocrates would be Lexicomp.


  • Price: Free for Epocrates, $174.99/year for Epocrates Plus
  • Find the app on iTunes and Google Play


  • Price: $175/year Lexi-Comp Clinical Suite to $595/year Lexi-Comp Complete + Online
  • Find the app on iTunes and Google Play



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