Review of Heart Master Mitral & Tricupsid Valves by Edwards Lifesciences for iOS and Android

If you’re a medical student learning about the mitral and tricupsid valve pathology, or a physician that wants to teach your patients about valvular pathology — Heart Master Mitral & Tricupsid Valves by Edwards Lifesciences was made for you.

Even if you don’t want to learn about mitral and tricupsid valve pathology, the way the app teaches about valvular pathology is amazing and it’s worth a download.

When you open the app you are presented with sections on Anatomy, Pathophysiology, and Surgery. Within each of these subsections, you are given pictures and video explanations.

heart pictures 1

heart pictures 4 heart pictures 3 heart pictures 2

The videos in particular are impressive, and are detailed enough to give you a good understanding of the disease pathology. They are too detailed for patients to use on their own, but certainly can be used in conjunction with patients.

  • Price
    • Free
  • * Extensive multimedia content

    * Explanations of pathophysiology

    * All the content is free

    * Available for not only iOS, but Android as well

  • Dislikes

    * Large size, 356 MB, would be nice to have in-app downloads letting you select the key videos you would want to utilize with your patients

  • Overall

    A great app to learn the pathophysiology of Mitral & Tricupsid valves — can be utilized for patient learning if used by a health care professional.  Even if you have no particular interest in learning valvular pathology, the app is a free download that is downright fun to use.

  • Overall Score
  • User Interface
  • Multimedia Usage
  • Price
  • Real World Applicability
  • Available for DownloadAndroidiPhone