Review of NIH Score & rt-PA checklist for Apple Watch

When I recently wrote about medical apps physicians wanted to utilize on Apple Watch, I included a wide range of categories, but specifically left out medical calculator apps because I felt the screen size would be too difficult to input numbers and data.

apple watch medical app stroke 1

However, there are a few clever medical calculator apps that have emerged for the Apple Watch, and the one I’ll review right now is NIH Score & rt-PA checklist.

The Apple Watch version of the app has the following key features:

  •  TPA dosing
  • “Time Manager”
  • ABCD2 Score
  • CHA2DS2 VASc Score

TPA dosing:

The app asks for the patient’s weight in Kg, and then gives you the dosing information for TPA. Obviously, you should check with your own pharmacist when determining final dosing to make sure everything is correct because of how serious TPA administration is.

The interesting part of the TPA dosing portion is how you enter a patient’s weight. Since you can’t enter numerical values, the app uses sets of 10, and then uses the plus and minus icons to let you get exact numbers — really cool.

tpa dosing apple watch

The more useful parts of the app are the ABCD2 Score and CHA2DS2 Vasc Score calculators.

ABCD2 Score & CHA2DS2 Vasc Score calculators:

These are arguably the most common stroke risk stratifying scores utilized in medicine currently.

ABCD2 score is utilized to help risk stratify patients presenting with TIA symptoms and how likely they are to suffer a subsequent stroke.

Below are screen shots that show how easy it is to utilize the risk stratification score on the Apple Watch:

abcd2 score medical apps apple watch

abcd3 medical calculator apple watch

abcd2 pic 3 apple watch medical app

CHA2DS2 Vasc Score is a risk stratifying tool used to help determine the one year risk of a TE event in a non-anticoagulated patient with non-valvular atrial fibrillation.

Screenshots below:

pic one apple watch medical

apple watch med app 2

apple watch med apps 3

  • Price
    • $0.99
    • Accessing app is very easy, and just as fast or faster than calculating the risk stratification scores on a computer or opening the app no your iPhone.
    • Relatively cheap
  • Dislikes
    • Would have been nice to include at least the text of the NIH score within the Apple Watch version, but this is lengthy.
  • Overall

    A great app for calculating two highly used stroke risk stratification scores. Was pleasantly surprised by how easy the developer made it to input the data, and how quickly you are able to calculate the scores on the Apple Watch.

  • Overall Score
  • User Interface
  • Multimedia Usage
  • Price
  • Real World Applicability
  • Available for DownloadiPhone