The webPOISONCONTROL Poison App was made by a group of Poison control centers in various states collaborating together under the guidance of the National Capital Poison Center in Washington, DC.

Poison Control Centers are tremendously useful not only for patients, but for physicians as well. They provide a critical resource from ingestions that range from the serious — TCA poisonings, to the benign — “baby powder in a pediatric child’s eyes”.

The poison control centers behind the app state they created it because more people are starting to look up possible adverse ingestions online and on their devices, and they wanted to create a reputable platform for this. They have an online version that is similar to the app they released.

The webPOISONCONTROL Poison App enables you to enter basic patient information, and then go through a variety of algorithms to determine if the ingestion is something that requires further medical attention. The app and the online version of their algorithm are limited, often prompting you to call your local poison control center before you are finished with inputting all of your information — but it’s a great first step. We’re looking forward to further iterations of the app.

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