OB Wheel

So another OB Wheel probably isn’t necessary — but it actually is. I wrote a post recently about how there is a lack of legitimate free OB Wheel apps, and it looks like one of our favorite physician developers Dr. Joshua Steinberg was paying attention.

Dr. Steinberg has created a bunch of fantastic free medical apps that we have reviewed prior on iMedicalApps, and add this to the list of those great apps.

Whereas other OB Wheels create a “digital” form of the OB Wheel, Dr. Steinberg’s app literally makes your phone into an OB Wheel. It’s confusing to use at first, but once you get the hang of it it’s actually pretty cool. You can also do the “digital” view that other apps provide as well.

OB Wheel 1OB Wheel 2

Price: Free
iPhone: Download here
Android: Not available