With iMedicalApps, our team of academic physicians has been able to educate millions of health providers across the world on how they can use mobile technology in their various clinical workflows.

But now we are taking it a step further.

With the thousands of reviews we have done over the past 6 years of medical and healthcare apps, iMedicalApps is in prime position to recommend health apps that actually matter.  But we’re not just talking about “recommending” — we’re talking about “prescribing”. That’s a concept iMedicalApps founder Dr. Iltifat Husain mentioned when he was invited to discuss mobile health at the Brookings Institute.

We are now launching iPrescribeApps — a platform that will enable physicians to efficiently prescribe the right application to the right patient. Not only will we use expert opinion and evidence based criteria to select apps, we will help clinicians decide which app fits the right type of patient — taking only seconds to find and prescribe.  We will also apply this to health devices, such as the review we did today of wireless blood pressure cuffs physicians can prescribe to their patients.

iprescribeapps for physicians

From the patient standpoint — when a provider prescribes an app, iPrescribeApps will do the heavy lifting — not just getting the app to the patient, but also teaching them how to use it.

We want physicians to be proud to say — “i prescribe apps”.

Go to iPrescribeApps.com for details on the platform, how it works for patients and physicians, the types of health apps we will be prescribing, and the methods we use to find and curate apps.

We have a limited number of beta requests available right now, and are currently giving them away on iPrescribeApps.com. Once we reach our maximum we will close off physician registration.


Iltifat Husain MD (bio) & Satish Misra MD (bio)
Founding Partners of iMedicalApps

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