Dermatology Reference: VisualDx

Although many of us are comfortable with common skin conditions, rashes that defy easy pattern recognition do pop up and can be important clues to systemic disease. Here, VisualDx has replaced my need to reach for a dermatology text. The app allows you to search by topic and see pictures, diagnostic signs/symptoms, differential diagnosis, and treatment options. What really stands out is its ability to help build a differential diagnosis. You plug in what you are seeing using common dermatology terms, other physical exam findings, vitals, and history and it generates a handy differential diagnosis. This is very handy, especially when your dermatology consultant is not readily available. I really haven’t found an alternative dermatology app that I prefer, but some reasonable alternatives include DoctorDerm and The Color Atlas of Family Medicine.


  • iMedicalApps full review here
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