By Satish Misra, MD and Douglas M. Maurer, DO, MPH, FAAFP

The following is a list of the best apps for Internal Medicine physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other clinicians. For some areas, we offer two or three apps to form a more complete set of tools for the task at hand. We selected apps based on our experiences working as internal and family medicine physicians as well as the thousands of apps that the iMedicalApps team has screened and comprehensively reviewed.

Also, make sure to check out our Internal Medicine page for more apps. From the category drop down menu you can find other apps and textbooks that are useful for Internal Medicine.

Best Medical Calculator: QxMD Calculate

Having a solid medical calculator on your smartphone is essential and few have the breadth and depth of QxMD’s Calculate. Whether you’re calculating a Wells Score for a patient with pleuritic chest pain or a PORT score for suspected bacterial pneumonia, Calculate has you covered. The range of calculators is impressive, organized by subject area or alphabetically (though most users will probably use the search function). Most calculators include a brief explanation and the associated reference. Many references open directly in QxMD Read, another iMedicalApps favorite. For users that have institutional credentials, the full text is automatically downloaded as well. Overall, QxMD Calculate is a must have for internists and primary care physicians.

QxMD Calculate