We recently reviewed the CDC vaccine schedule app which provides immunization recommendations for kids as well as adults. The immunization advisor by the American College of Physicians (ACP) is a similar app targeted for adult patients.

Clinical Scenario:

58 year old male with past medical history of diabetes and congestive heart failure presents to your clinic for a yearly checkup and is also planning on traveling internationally on vacation. Your patient is also a smoker.

User Interface:

Tapping the app icon opens the app to the homescreen. There is a one-time disclaimer window that must be accepted to continue.

image13 image06

Tapping the find tab allows you to find recommended vaccines by entering patient specific information like age, conditions and special circumstances.


In this case the patient is 58 years old, smokes and has diabetes and CHF.

image14  image07


He is also planning on traveling internationally.

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Once you have selected the information, tap the show vaccines button and a list of recommended immunizations are displayed.


Tapping any of the vaccines brings up additional detailed information about the vaccine.

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Another way to look up vaccines is by searching the entire library of vaccines by tapping the library icon at the bottom of every page or by tapping the browse vaccines tab on the home screen.


The toolbar at the bottom of the screen allows for easy, one-tap access to the search and library functions which really enhances the overall ease of access and functionality of the app. The toolbar also has a news tab which brings up a list of various immunization related news articles.


Tapping the ‘more’ tab brings up a list of other features such as ACP and app developer information, educational disclaimer, privacy policy, resources and a help feature.

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Evidence and literature used to support the app

The app is developed and backed by the American College of Physicians (ACP), a well known institution for physicians. According to the ‘about this app’ section, the recommendations are based on the 2014 ACIP immunization guidelines which can be found on the CDC website. Interestingly, the resource section of the app lists the 2013 immunization schedule, but if you check the CDC website, the 2014 schedule is available.

  • Price
    • Free
    • Very easy to use and navigate
    • Ability to individualize recommendations
    • Strong references and backed by ACP
  • Dislikes
    • No mention of how current the references are in relation to the CDC’s most up-to-date guidelines
    • Not available for Android
  • Overall

    Overall a good app because it lets you enter patient demographics and then find relevant vaccines for your patients.  The one glaring problem is the lack of mention as to how current the references are in relation to the CDC’s published guidelines — if they are able to sort this out, the app would be a must-have for primary care providers.

  • Overall Score
  • User Interface
  • Multimedia Usage
  • Price
  • Real World Applicability
  • Device Used For Review

    iPad mini with retina display

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