Best Connected Blood Pressure Monitor: iHealth BP5

FI_iHealth BP MonitorOverall, the iHealth BP5 is the best connected blood pressure monitor on the market. Key features that garner it our top accolades are that it has been tested against internationally accepted standards, has a large cuff size option, is HealthKit compatible, includes a reminder function, is easy to use, and is priced on the lower end of options on the market. For most patients, the iHealth BP5 is the best choice out there.

A Close Runner Up: Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

The Withings blood pressure cuff comes in a very close second. In many ways, their app is better designed and the inclusion of step count data captured from compatible smartphones is a great resource as we counsel hypertensive patients to try to get more active. The higher price point and the lack of a larger cuff size were strikes against the device that knocked it a notch below the iHealth BP5. That being said, for patients who engage in a lot of self-tracking using other apps and have an appropriate arm circumference, the Withings blood pressure monitor is worth a close look.

A (cautious) comment about Blip

The Blip blood pressure cuff has some important issues that really need to be addressed before it can climb our list. Using WiFi rather than Bluetooth is a fantastic idea though; despite its shortcomings (highlighted previously), it may be worth considering for say an adult child helping track blood pressure of a parent. With regular testing to make sure it’s accurate and as well as training for the parent on how to use it consistently and correctly, it could be useful.

If you know about other devices we should include in future updates of this list, please share them below in the comments.