Key Specifications:

  • Compatibility: iOS, Android
  • Native App: Yes, Qardio
  • Third-Party Integration: Limited to Walgreens app. Otherwise integrates with some telehealth platforms. It is HealthKit integrated also.
  • FDA Cleared:2 Yes
  • Validated:1 No
  • Cuff Information: 22-37cm
  • Multiple Users: Yes, up to 8 users (using their own smartphones) per device or can log in as different users on a single smartphone
  • Price: $99

Key Features:

  • Reminder function: Yes
  • Self-Care Messages/Information: Yes, simple messages during measurements
  • Instructions on Proper Technique: Yes
  • Sharing Function: Yes, excellent in-email graphic report plus attached .CSV file
  • Recommend validation against in clinic measurement: No

Pros: Very elegant and compact design, excellent sharing functionality, excellent app usability, allows family to view data of a loved one

Cons: Single cuff size, lack of validation

The Bottom Line: This is a beautifully designed product but it’s seriously limited by the lack of validation and single cuff size that’s even more limited than others.

Find more information about the QardioArm blood pressure monitor here.

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Ed. Note: This entry was updated to reflect multi-user functionality that was not apparent on device review. Also, while the third party integration is limited, we opted to mention the Walgreens integration.