iHealth BP5


Key Specifications:

  • Compatibility: iOS, Android
  • Native App: Yes, iHealth MyVitals
  • Third-Party Integration: A more limited selection than with the Withings BP Monitor. The full list is here but there are a few notable differences from Withings including integration with Evernote as well as cloud-based EHRs Practice Fusion and Dr. Chrono. It is HealthKit integrated.
  • FDA Cleared:2 Yes
  • Validated:1 Yes, ESH 2010 Protocol
  • Cuff Information: Regular cuff size fits arm circumferences 22 – 42 cm. However, also has a large cuff size available on request.
  • Multiple Users:Yes
  • Price: $99.95

Key Guideline & Evidence-Based Features:

  • Reminder function: Yes
  • Self-Care Messages/Information: No
  • Instructions on Proper Technique: Yes
  • Sharing Function: Yes, when initiated by user (no automated, scheduled sharing feature). Data shared as screenshot in email and attached .CSV file.
  • Recommend validation against in clinic measurement: No

Pros: Validated according to international standard, HealthKit compatible, has a large-cuff size option, compact design, excellent app usability

Cons: Limited third-party app integration, mediocore sharing functionality

The Bottom Line: For a large number of patients, this is the only choice given the large-cuff available. In general though, it’s a great choice for patients who don’t use many other tracking apps and looking for a device that’s easy to pack away.

Find more information about the iHealth BP5 monitor here.

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