7) Pager functionality

Functionality: Ability to replace a pager and text message in a HIPAA compliant manner

Why? You don’t have to be a physician to realize why it would be awesome to get away from using pagers to communicate with each other. That said — we’ve seen an explosion of apps that do help “replace” the pager already for iPhone and Android. Most of these apps have not been transformative, but if they were able to utilize the Apple Watch they could completely disrupt the ecosystem.

Chance of happening?

Low — this would require a significant amount of investment from current secure messaging companies, and until the Apple Watch catches on more, companies will be hesitant to invest a significant amount into this.

8) Putting in patient orders and reviewing labs and imaging results

Functionality: Ability to enter patient orders on your Apple Watch and get a notification on your Apple Watch when a patient’s labs or imaging results have come back.

Why? This is the ultimate dream. Walk into a patient’s room, do your full assessment, voice dictate orders on your Apple Watch and confirm them without having to go to a computer. Then, get a notification when the results have come back on your Apple Watch, and review their labs and imaging — all without having to access a desktop.

Chance of happening?

Extremely low. That’s why this is a dream. Companies like Epic Health systems, who cover more than 50% of the patient population in the US, don’t have much competition, and that breeds companies that aren’t exactly being pushed to create cutting edge functionality. I do see other start up EMRs who develop for smaller individual physician practices trying to link to the Apple Watch — but for most of us who use enterprise systems, it won’t happen.