The Apple Watch launch date is quickly coming, and developers are already fast at work linking their current apps to the Apple Watch or creating entirely new types of apps to make use of the Apple Watch. The following are the types of medical apps the physician editors at iMedicalApps would be interested in seeing made for Apple Watch.

1) Patient education apps

Functionality: Ability to educate patient’s at bedside using your Apple Watch

Why? DrawMD has a series of apps for every speciality that help you educate your patients on every sort of disease process out there. A natural extension of patient education would be to your Apple Watch. Obviously, you would be limited by screen size, but you would be able to utilize pictures and a touch screen for quick patient learning.

Chance of happening?

Very high. This is relatively easy to do, and wouldn’t require developers to completely reinvent the wheel.

2) Medical Images App

Functionality: Ability to utilize medical image quiz apps on Apple Watch

Why? Everyone loves a good medical image app. We listed several of them in our top 10 internal medicine apps piece last week. This will be a race between the New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, and Figure 1 to see which one of these medical image apps is the first to release for Apple Watch.

Chance of happening?

Very high. This is relatively easy to do for developers, and something the Apple Watch is perfectly built for.