At Apple’s keynote address today for their “Spring Forward” event — they announced game changing research apps and platforms for physicians and medical researchers.

Apple has announced ResearchKit, a platform that medical researchers can use to collect medical data on patients.

They announced 5 medical apps that will launch with ReasearchKit today:

mPower: Parkinson’s Disease

mhealth parkinsons

An app by the University of Rochester that enables patients to track their Parkinson’s symptoms using their iPhone’s accelerometer and other sensors. For example, the app can see how your signature is changing, your dexterity level by how fast you can tap on your screen, and even measures how your steps change.

The following screen shots show this:

apple parkinsons app 1

apple parkinsons app 2

apple researchkit

apple researchkit 2

The other ResearchKit apps announced:

GlucoSuccess: Diabetes by Massachusetts General Hospital

diabetes researchkit

MyHeart Counts: Cardiovascular Disease by Stanford Medicine

cardiovascular disease app

Asthma Health: Asthma by Mount Sinai Hospital

asthma researchkit

Share the Journey: Breast Cancer by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, UCLA School of Public Health

breast cancer researchkit

While Apple went into detail about the various health metrics mPower (Parkinson’s Disease app) can measure, they didn’t go into the same detail with the other apps in the keynote.

Here are some other key comments Apple made:

Privacy: There will be a consent screen that patient’s will have to sign. Patients can determine how much of their medical data metrics are shared, and Apple states they won’t share patient data with 3rd parties.

Open Source: This is a huge deal for medical researchers. If we’re only able to collect metrics on patients with iOS devices, you lose a huge patient segment. And you can also argue that the data you collect isn’t homogenous and skewed towards certain patient populations. By making this open source, researchers can create Android and Windows apps for their patients as well and feed them into the ResearchKit platform.

Once the medical apps Apple has discussed are released later today, we will write more about them. Very exciting developments for the mobile health community.

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