Arguably two of the hardest parts of doing a clinical study are enrolling patients and then collecting the required data for the study. Apple’s launch of ResearchKit, a platform that does both of these tasks for researchers, cannot be understated.

This is a big deal.

I downloaded the research apps and these are my overall impressions — this coming week you will see individual reviews from the iMedicalApps physician writers on each of these apps.  All of these apps have a standard series of extensive consent screens and study enrollment questions, and take about 15 to 20 minutes to set up prior to using.

GlucoSuccess by The Massachusetts General Hospital

GlucoSuccess focuses on Pre-diabetes and Diabetes. Researchers want to see how health behaviors influence blood glucose readings in real life. Further, the app also acts as a personal coach, helping you keep track of your overall glycemic control by analyzing your activity levels and food intake.

The key metrics the app pulls from your iPhone’s Health app: blood glucose, carbohydrates, dietary calories, blood sugar, steps, biological sex.

Key feature: blood sugar input from Apple Health app.  So, if your Health app is already synced with a glucometer (via Healthkit), then GlucoSuccess will automatically get your blood sugar readings and you don’t have to manually insert them into the research app.

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