Working with your physician and care team

The Withings app is integrated with HealthKit which opens a wide range of sharing options for iOS users, including with EMRs like Practice Fusion and Epic.

Going to Share with my doctor, we also have the ability to email our blood pressure history to our physician. You can adjust the date range and also set up automated reporting so that data is sent on a recurring basis. The data is sent as plain text in an email and a .csv file. While the data shared is comprehensive, it’s not in a terribly useful format and this is definitely an area of potential improvement.


Other features

First, we should note that the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor has been validated independently according to the European Society of Hypertension protocol. As the 2008 Scientific Statement from the American Heart Association and the American Society of Hypertension specifies, third-party testing according to international protocols is important to deciding which monitors can be relied upon for accurate measurements.

There are several other features within the app worth noting. First, the app includes a nice social functionality, allowing users to create groups with friends and family. That’s a great feature for patients trying to make healthy behavior changes as part of groups, like losing weight or getting more active.



In addition, the app includes a step count functionality derived from embedded sensors of compatible smartphones. That can be a really nice feature for patients in whom you’re trying to motivate more active lifestyles, especially since they don’t have to buy another device.


Finally, the app includes the ability to set reminders that deliver daily messages about important aspects of lifestyle modification like limiting salt and alcohol intake.


The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor is a well designed device, though it doesn’t pack as well as some of the other options on the market. What’s really outstanding here though is the app that comes with it. The inclusion of a social tracking feature and pedometer functionality are particularly useful and patients who are self-tracking with other apps and services will appreciate the extensive third-party app integration. Withings could do a better job with how data is shared from the app and the availability of only one cuff size is an important limitation to be aware of when choosing the appropriate device for a patient.