Musculoskeletal injuries are one of the most common injuries encountered in medicine. The initial evaluation and management of fractures is especially important. Teaching medical personnel, including first responders, the proper evaluation and management of these injuries is crucial for patient comfort and appropriate treatment.

The Medrills Fracture app is one in a series of apps presented by ArchieMD for medical education. They have created several apps focused on teaching medical professionals how to evaluate and treat patients. The apps are utilized by military and hospital institutions to efficiently teach important health care topics.

User Interface:

69031-home screen

The app opens to the home page where the user starts by watching the tutorial video in instruction mode.

69031-open closed video

The video has excellent audio and graphics that enhance the tutorial course.


In the tutorial, they present a nice overview of musculoskeletal injuries and then provide a systematic approach for evaluating injuries, including exposing and assessing the injured extremity. They then describe some common reduction maneuvers for common injuries. These techniques are described in the context of initial field management.

69031-splinting 2


The course also goes through various splinting techniques for the described injuries. I especially like how the app focuses on reassessing injuries after reduction and splinting maneuvers. This is an important step often overlooked in the initial evaluation of musculoskeletal injuries. Similarly, I like how the app addresses padding injuries well after proper reduction. Finally, the app gives a general overview of transport principles for transferring a patient to the local medical center.


The user can then switch to a training mode which is similar to a quiz. They are presented with various injuries, questions, or procedural steps which are based on content from the instruction mode. The user is given several multiple choice answers and must select the correct option or sequence based on information from the instructional tutorial.


The user performance can be summarized in a testing mode (an additional in-app purchase) for certification purposes.

Overall, the app interface is very simple. There is an instructional tab, a review tab, and a testing tab. On the home page, there are several options for purchasing group membership or more testing modules which detracts from the overall educational aspect of this app. The instructional animation and review/training modules are very effective at teaching general musculoskeletal evaluation and treatment.

  • Price
    • $3.99
    • Easy-to-use app.
    • Comprehensive information.
    • Excellent graphics and audio.
  • Dislikes
    • Only a general overview of musculoskeletal care.
    • Price and additional cost for testing module.
  • Overall

    This is a very well-designed and simple app to use. The information is presented very well with high quality graphics and content. The content is, however, fairly general, but could be very useful to someone just starting to learn about orthopaedic fracture management.

  • Overall Score
  • User Interface

    The app has an easy-to-use interface.

  • Multimedia Usage

    Multimedia usage is excellent.

  • Price

    The app price is a little high for the provided content.

  • Real World Applicability

    This app can be useful for medical personnel learning fracture management.

  • Device Used For Review

    iPhone 5

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