The CDC provides great guidelines for physicians — especially in regards to influenza management, STD treatment, and other infectious disease algorithms.

I wrote about how their CDC influenza app was a great resource for determining when to give Tamiflu or other antiviral therapy to patients.

But it’s impossible for the CDC to create apps for specific disease pathology that are “trending”. Instead, their relationship with AgileMD is enabling them to transform their content to mobile seamlessly and quickly.

AgileMD is a free app that lets you download clinical content and treatment algorithms. You can get premium content in AgileMD as well with in-app purchases, but the content from the CDC is free.

The ability to download up to date CDC content on breaking infectious disease news is worth the download alone.

The best example of the CDC Agile MD relationship was with Ebola. Now they are utilizing the same relationship for Measles.

AgileMD has a free Measles module that you can download within their app to get critical CDC updates that you can then transform to your practice needs:

cdc  measles app cdc measles outbreak

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Link to AgileMD’s Measles outbreak module for physicians (CDC content)